Robert T. Teranishi: IGE Recommends Steps to Improve Data on Racial and Ethnic Diversity

June 13, 2017

A new report that was co-organized by the Institute for Immigration, Globalization, and Education at UCLA offers a conceptual lens and actionable steps for organizations, institutions, and states to improve data practices and more accurately capture and represent the nation’s racial and ethnic diversity. Professor of Education Robert T. Teranishi, who co-directs IGE, and IGE researchers Cynthia M. Alcantar, Edward R. Curammeng, Edwin Hernandez, Victoria Kim, Bach Mai Dolly Nguyen, Mike Hoa Nguyen, and Audrey D. Paredes, participated in The Racial Heterogeneity Project, which is made up of leading educational researchers and supported by the ACT Center for Equity in Learning.


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