Report urges better college completion focus on Asian American and Pacific Islander students

October 11, 2011 Despite a rapidly growing Asian American and Pacific Islander population in the United States, these students are constantly overlooked in federal higher education policy, including the national college completion agenda, according to a new report by the National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education. Read More →

Commentary: Remember Asian American and Pacific Islander Students

September 19, 2011 When looking back at my leap from corporate America to the education community almost three years ago — after spending more than 30 years as an executive at tech giant IBM — I’m still shocked at what I found out about Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students: They have some of […]

The Creation—and Consequences—of the Model Minority Myth

July 6, 2011 Asian-Americans face significant challenges to getting their education, says a new report out from the National Commission on Asian-American and Pacific Islander Research in Education. And the study has got everyone from experts to students talking, because the findings fly in the face of conventional wisdom about Asian American students as high-achieving, […]

Not all Asians complete college

July 1, 2011 Not all Asian-American students go to Harvard, Stanford, MIT and Cal Tech. A majority of Asian/Pacific Islander students attend community colleges, according to a report by NYU Professor Robert Teranishi. College-going and graduation rates are very high for East Asian and South Asian students, much lower for Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders. […]

New Voice for Asian Students

June 28, 2011 As they explained why they were forming a new association for colleges that serve Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students, higher education officials at a news briefing Monday cited themes they’ve discussed many times over. They lamented how this specialized population is growing faster than any other and yet lacks institutional […]