The Model Minority Myth: What 50 Years of Research Does and Does Not Tell Us

April 29, 2013 It is little wonder why Asian-Americans are perceived by the wider higher education community to be paragons of scholarly success, despite their treatment by the U.S. government, historically, as political pariahs (as seen in the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the lawful internment of innocent Japanese-Americans during the early 1940s). Read […]

Immigration Reform Only Part of Education Access Issue

April 17, 2013 When Veronica Perez graduated high school in 2010, she thought college was out of her league. It wasn’t the cost of a degree — not entirely. It certainly wasn’t a lack of motivation — she’d like to be a mechanical engineer. It was the country on her birth certificate that kept her […]

Groups Launch Asian American, Pacific Islander Student Awareness Campaign

March 28, 2013 In an effort to increase college access and completion among Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students, the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF) and the National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education (CARE) organizations have launched a national campaign to bring awareness to the challenges […]

Steinhardt Professor Receives Two Million Dollar Grant

November 5, 2012 The Kresge Foundation, USA Funds and the Wal-Mart Foundation recently awarded Steinhardt professor Robert Teranishi $2 million to support his research on the Asian American and Pacific Islander student populace. Through his project called PEER – Partnership for Equity in Education through Research – Teranishi aims to collect information on AAPI students […]

University of Texas to Initiate Financial Aid Program

October 24, 2012 The University of Texas will initiate a program next year for 200 incoming freshmen that will reduce student loans if they graduatate in four years. The two main goals of the pilot program are to encourage students to graduate more quickly and to help reduce student loans. Read More →

Goodbye, Affirmative Action?

October 24, 2012 Under affirmative action, Kahlenberg says, “univerities assemble classes with fairly wealthy students of all races. As long as universities are allowed to use race in admissions, they are unlikely to pay attention to socioeconomic status. Rather than use race as a proxy for disadvantage, a fair system would give the preference based […]

The Perception Gap

September 19, 2012 Notice the faces. The Asian ones. These “new Jews,” as author Daniel Golden termed them, are on campuses across the country. Making that same comparison, Jonathan Zimmerman in the Chronicle of Higher Education says at one point Jews were up to 12 percent of college student bodies and faculty, yet not even […]

Private College Stoked, Public College Broke

September 17, 2012 We’ve long been proud of our great public universities in the United States. Historically, they’ve been both superb and inexpensive. The University of California system has long represented a pinnacle of scholarship, even as it has helped to make higher education affordable to thousands of Californians. But now UC and other state […]